Wilde Shots Compound Archery Seminar

This class will be held at Lancaster Archery Supply.

Registration is open! 

Join us for an intermediate-to-advanced-level, three-day Compound Archery course with world-renowned professional archers – and brothers - Reo Wilde and Logan Wilde, Dec. 3-5, 2021. This course is designed for coaches and experienced archers looking to advance their skills to the highest level. The Wilde brothers will teach you the physical techniques of an archery shot in great detail, but in easily understood terms. Archers will be given aiming exercises and visualization techniques that they can do at home to improve their performance. Both coaches and archers will gain an understanding of the shot process and training necessary to achieve proper form. Reo and Logan will go into detail about how to strengthen, improve and understand your mental game. Reo and Logan will also cover handling tournament pressure with a positive attitude, training techniques and drills, and tournament preparation.

Both will give hands-on instruction to participants, so pack your equipment for this course! Be prepared to shoot lots of arrows as you refine your shot process and form.

Itinerary for the weekend:

Friday, December 3: 4 p.m.-8 p.m. - An introduction to the weekend, Reo and Logan will begin by learning about each participant, including a video recording of participants. Filming will begin at 4 p.m. for those who are able to arrive early, while shooting instruction will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. Please do your best to arrive early enough that your video can be taken before the 6:30 start time.

Saturday, December 4: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. - The morning will start with a classroom discussion on shooting form before moving into individualized shooting. Lunch will be on site, compliments of Lancaster Archery Supply. The afternoon will wrap up with information sessions about equipment tuning and aiming exercises. 

Sunday, December 5: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. - The morning will start with a classroom discussion and individualized shooting to show improvements made through the weekend. We will then move on to a presentation on mental game. Lunch will again be provided on site by Lancaster Archery Supply. The day will wrap up with a recap Q&A session, group shooting and individual filming in the training room.

Where: Lancaster Archery Academy

Address: 2195A Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster PA, 17602

Accommodations: lunches, coffee, tea, and refreshments compliments of Lancaster Archery Supply.

*Please notify staff prior to the seminar if you have any food allergies or need special dietary accommodations*

Maximum Class Size: 25 Archers – first come, first served

Fee: $399.00 per participant

Guardian Pass: If you plan to be accompanied by a non-participating family member who would like to stay and observe the class, please add the optional Guardian Pass to your registration. Family members without a Guardian Pass will not be allowed to stay for the clinic. Limit to one pass per participant. Fee: $99.00

Special Instructions: Please bring a notebook and your archery equipment.

**If you are having any difficulty registering please contact the Lancaster Archery Academy Staff by phone at 717-556-1379**

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About the speakers

Reo Wilde 

Reo was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho with his sister and two younger brothers. Reo’s mother, Leta, raised the kids while she worked at home as a hairdresser; Reo’s father, Dee, worked as a meat salesman, and it was Dee who first got Reo interested in hunting and fishing. By the time Reo was twelve, his passion for archery had turned into a major hobby. Dee always held high expectations for Reo to perform in archery. When he was eighteen, Reo traveled to the Vegas Shoot with his dad. Both Reo and Dee won in their separate divisions. The hook was set, and a career was launched.

The sky was the limit, and Reo’s archery ambitions soon led him to San Diego to train at the Olympic Training Center with a recurve bow. After a year of hard work, he competed in the Olympic trials. Due to an unfortunately timed tooth abscess and root canal, he was unable to qualify high enough for the Olympics. Reo’s disappointment led him to pursue a different dream with the compound bow. From that point on, he organized his time so that he could shoot his compound bow at a professional level. His changed his schedule to consist of working in the mornings at UPS, shooting during the day, and traveling to tournaments on the weekends.

In 2006 Reo met and married his wife, Sheri. Reo and Sheri continued to live in Pocatello, where they later had two daughters: Kenady, in 2008 and Paige, in 2010. With a growing family, a busy work schedule, and a deep commitment to archery, the family needed to strike a balance. Reo decided to take a risk and accept a partnership with Lancaster Archery Supply after sixteen years of work at UPS. This change allowed him to shoot his bow full time.

In the past eight years, Reo has dominated the archery field, hosted multiple seminars a year, and still found time for work and family. His success has made it possible for him to build a new house and have a shooting range in the basement, where he can shoot whenever he wants. Reo is passionate about archery and constantly seeks to contribute to the growth of the sport by helping other archers get better one arrow at a time.

Logan Wilde 

Logan started shooting archery in 1996. He first began working in an archery pro shop, and is currently the Corporate Engagement and Fundraising Manager at USA Archery. Through the length of his international career, he has won two world cup bronze medals, and seven world cup gold medals. A regular attendee at Vegas, Logan has made the shoot up many times.


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