Scouting Events

Our USA Archery Certified Academy Instructors are a top resource to help your scouts earn their badges. We work with your troop to help them achieve their goals and become knowledgeable archers. We are proud to have an experienced Merit Badge Instructor certified through the Boy Scouts of America on our team. For our Girl Scout Troops, we offer an hour instructional lesson to meet the criteria of the badge you designed. Please contact us to find a day and time that fits best with your troop.

Merit Badge Requirements:

  • Safety
  • Name the parts of an arrow, types of arrows, principal materials of arrows, building and storing arrows
  • Proper use, storage and reasons for archery accessories (tabs, arm guards, finger gloves, quivers etc.)
  • Explaining important terminology
  • Learn to make a bowstring
  • Different types of Archery
  • How to score your arrows on a FITA & NFAA Target
  • Understanding of the Olympic Round
  • With a Recurve Bow Scouts will name the parts of the bow, explain how to care for and store the bow, string the bow, install the nocking point and demonstrate the 10 steps for good shooting.
  • Scouts must score their shooting and achieve a minimum score of 150

The cost for the Merit Badge Course is below. The length of the course varies with the size of the group, but takes approximately 8 hours to complete.

6 people - $100 per person

7 people - $90 per person

8 people - $80 per person

9 people - $75 per person

10 people - $70 per person

11 people - $65 per person

12 people - $60 per person


Girl Scout Archery Badge Classes are $17.99 per person, and generally last for one and a half hours. The course material covers safety, overview and types archery, parts of equipment and bows, shooting form and terms, and lastly how to shoot a bow!