Heather Pfeil – Academy Program Coordinator

My entire family and I have been actively involved in Archery for over 15 years.  My father gave me a recurve bow when I was eight years old to shoot recreationally in the backyard and from that moment on I was hooked. Shortly thereafter, we joined a local Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) club for lessons and to train with some of the nation’s best coaches and archers, including Olympian Jake Kaminski. I shot Olympic Style Recurve for 10 years at a national level allowing me to train as a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. In 2006, I returned home to attend college and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I have been competing in the compound division for 6 years nationally in both target and 3-D archery. Recently, I’ve obtained my Level 4-NTS Coaching Certification from USA Archery, with a goal of continuing my certification levels. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hunting and fishing with my fiancé. Before coming to Lancaster, I volunteered alongside my family to run the same JOAD Archery program that I started shooting with in order to share my knowledge and passion for the sport of archery.

Bryan Brady - Academy Team Lead

ALIGN=”left” HSPACE=”50” VSPACE=”50”/If there are two important things in my life, they’d be archery, super heroes, and a complete disregard for mathematics. The degree of overlap between those four topics can honestly be surprising. I started shooting Olympic Recurve when I went to college in 2008 at James Madison University. As I became more familiar with the sport, the coaches introduced me to the National USAT circuit, and I’ve been hooked on FITA-style shoots ever since. By the time I left, I had not only gained my first coaching certification, but had begun to compete regularly in state and national-level events. I’ve been with the Academy since 2015, and have continued to pursue my coaching and competitive careers while here. I currently am a Level 4-NTS coach, and still shoot the USAT circuit every year. I hope to see you on the range!

Bill Hook - Academy Instructor

ALIGN=”left” HSPACE=”50” VSPACE=”50”/I started shooting an old stick bow in 1958 after seeing Howard Hill and Fred Bear shoot at a sportsman show. Life got in the way (school, marriage, Vietnam), but I got back into shooting using a compound bow. This led me to Lancaster Archery Supply not long after they opened in the early 1980s. After retiring, I spent enough time at the Lancaster Archery Academy that their program director, Heather Pfeil, asked if I wanted to work here. I said yes, and that has led to my obtaining a Level 1, 2, and now Level 3 Instructor certification, becoming a certified USA Archery judge, and working full time at the Academy. It is so much fun to watch the faces of my students as they light up when they “Get It”.

Holt Albertson - Academy Instructor

My interest in shooting archery started when I was about three to four years old. My goal was to pull enough poundage to be able to go deer hunting, and it wasn’t until I was twelve that I discovered that target archery was something that even existed. I quickly worked through some of the classes here at the Lancaster Archery Academy, and have been a member of the JOAD Team for about three years. During that time, I have won multiple State championships and one National title. While spending a lot of time practicing on the range, I found that I really enjoyed giving tips on shooting, tweaking people’s bow setups to increase forgiveness, and generally helping others in their efforts to improve their shooting accuracy. When I was given the opportunity, it was a natural choice to join the Academy as an instructor.

Haly Grine - Academy Instructor

ALIGN=”left” HSPACE=”50” VSPACE=”50”/ I have been involved in the archery world for about four years. Growing up, I watched my dad as a bowhunter and have witnessed his hunting experiences. I decided that I wanted to learn how to shoot a bow to hunt alongside him, and so my dad signed me up for lessons at the Academy. It wasn’t long before I grew a serious love and passion for shooting. I was then introduced to competitive archery and joined the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) club. I have competed in national-level tournaments and am active in the 3D world of shooting. I am a certified Level 1 Instructor, and enjoy sharing and spreading my love and knowledge of archery with new shooters.

Ian Garner - Academy Instructor

ALIGN=”left” HSPACE=”50” VSPACE=”50”/I have been fascinated with archery since I was a kid. After returning home from college in 2001 I participated in my first official archery lesson. I was so taken aback by how intricate, engaging, and rewarding archery could be, I knew instantly I wanted to take on the challenge. I began my journey to learn, compete, and understand as many aspects and styles of archery as I could. Previously owning an archery shop on the west coast, I came to Lancaster Archery in May of 2018 to work in the showroom as a TechXpert. After a year of working as a technician, I transferred to a position in the academy doing what I am most passionate about: coaching. Receiving my USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach certification in 2015, I have been instructing beginning, intermediate, and advanced archers to learn, grow, and achieve their goals in multiple styles including traditional, barebow, compound, and Olympic recurve. I simply love being a coach. Seeing the look of accomplishment on my students’ faces keeps me motivated and pushing forward to better myself and my coaching.

Minnie Nguyen - Academy Instructor

I first got involved with archery when I went to college in Georgia, but I’ve been interested in traditional and historical archery since I was a teenager. I’ve been doing archery and falling in love with it since 2016. While in college, I got my instructor certification. Upon moving back to Lancaster, I wanted to apply that and found a home here at the Lancaster Archery Academy! Being a bit of a history geek, I like to shoot longbows and hope to learn more about eastern traditional archery.