Heather Pfeil – Academy Program Coordinator

My entire family and I have been actively involved in Archery for over 15 years.  My father gave me a recurve bow when I was eight years old to shoot recreationally in the backyard and from that moment on I was hooked. Shortly thereafter, we joined a local Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) club for lessons and to train with some of the nation’s best coaches and archers, including Olympian Jake Linde-Kaminski. I shot Olympic Style Recurve for 10 years at a national level allowing me to train as a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. In 2006, I returned home to attend college and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I have been competing in the compound division for 6 years nationally in both target and 3-D archery. Recently, I’ve obtained my Level 3 Coaching Certification from USA Archery, with a goal of continuing my certification levels. I also enjoy spending time outdoors hunting and fishing with my fiancé . Before coming to Lancaster, I volunteered alongside my family to run the same JOAD Archery program that I started shooting with in order to share my knowledge and passion for the sport of archery.

Bryan Brady - Academy Instructor

ALIGN=”left” HSPACE=”50” VSPACE=”50”/I caught the archery bug in the first few days of my freshman year at James Madison University. As most know, once caught, the disease of archery stays with a person for life. I still actively shoot my recurve bow whenever I’m given the opportunity, and have now been competing for eight years. While I studied teaching in college, I ended up repurposing my education in an effort to include archery in my career path. This has led me to become a Level 3 Instructor at the Lancaster Archery Academy, where I have far too much fun teaching others how to shoot bows and arrows.

Elizabeth Humphries - Academy Instructor

I began shooting after talking my father into taking a class with me and quickly fell in love with the sport.  With my background as a scientist and dancer, I found myself creatively fascinated with the archers form and studying anatomy of the shot process.  This sparked my interest to become a Level 3 certified instructor.   I particularly enjoy working with young archers and growing the sport of archery.  I also compete with an Olympic Recurve in local competitions with a goal competing at a